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Brand Story


Designer Artist, Éluu Goddiâ, spent his first four years in Canada as an immigrant working in different sectors. Despite various challenges associated with new immigrants, he searched for ways to express himself as an artist. He founded ACIZEM to create exquisite and ageless timepieces which will showcase Canada’s multicultural mosaic heritage.

The inspiration for his designs comes from the cultural and ethnic diversity of Canada. The resilience, hard-work and resourcefulness of other immigrants that he encountered filled him with awe. That experience inspired him to design watches to tell their stories.

ÉLUU GODDIÂ'S Aspiration

As a watch designer, It is my mission to make a collage of Canadian Cultures by portraying
real-life stories in my timepiece designs.

Being a Canadian Immigrant, I have had the opportunity of meeting and working with people from different countries. Their stories are marked with hard-work, intrigue, resilience and perseverance. I hope to bring their stories to the international community, by including them in my designs


Canada has had many nicknames, but due to its snowy winters, the nickname of "The Great White North" seems to have stuck the most. The country has also been nicknamed "The Land of Maple". Maple trees are native to Canada and are found in almost every province,

However, the nickname that resonates with me the most is "The True North Strong and Free". This emphasizes the country's multiculturalism where people from all around the world can come and pursue their dreams. And, this is in line with the quest for my designs to portray the mosaic nature of the Canadian culture.