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The Squint Series

Depicting the story of Canada's European legacy

Brand Story

Designer Artist, Éluu Goddiâ, founded ACIZEM to create exquisite and ageless timepieces which will showcase Canada’s multicultural mosaic heritage. Initially, his inspiration came from living in a neighborhood which had immigrants from over 156 countries in it. However, he couldn’t help but fall in-love with other aspects of Canada, such as: the warmness of the Canadian integration programs, the magical-radiance of the fall season, the native names of some places which speaks of their ancestry, tourist sites (like the Athabasca Falls) and tourist events (like the Calgary Stampede). He just wants to tell the Canadian Story with his timepieces.

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Embracing Diversity

Unleash Your Unique Sense Of Style With Our

Meticulously Crafted Timepieces

MD - CAROUSEL 5.jpg__PID:f9972690-830d-4d7a-860d-6d66b34a4ade
MD - CAROUSEL 4.jpg__PID:b34a4ade-bda5-4611-9cec-6bee95bb5e9f
MD - GRAY - MALE 2.jpg__PID:7df9e3de-3615-41c4-b475-40c72fd88432
BLUE - WITH OBJECTS.jpg__PID:060d6d66-b34a-4ade-bda5-b6111cec6bee
MD - SILVER - FEMALE.jpg__PID:6d66b34a-4ade-4da5-b611-1cec6bee95bb
MD - CAROUSEL 3.jpg__PID:cd7a060d-6d66-434a-8ade-bda5b6111cec

Black & Rose Gold

Blending In Gray


Rose Gold & Silver

Feel Good, Look Good, and Be Confident

ACIZEM timepieces are meticulously crafted to exude a timeless elegance. The exquisite design and attention to detail make these watches more than just accessories; they're an extension of your style. When you wear our timepiece, you can't help but feel good and look good, and that confidence shines through.

Haven't You Worked Hard?


Unveil Your Inner Sense of Self-Worth

Our watches serve as a constant reminder of your self-worth and the value you place on your own time. Each glance at your wrist reinforces the importance of your moments, helping you to radiate self-worth in your daily life.